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Our chance to create history

Our country faces humungous problems with the political class stooping to unimaginably low levels. It is now abundantly clear that all the political parties support this extensive looting of the country and all of them have been a party to this huge gala funded through public money which should be utilized to feed our more … Continue reading

  •  INCREDIBLE INDIA!!! Anna Hazare on Path to Greatness - Country saw a mass leader emerge after decades (last one was JP). Buddha International Circuit - India Got on the World F1 Map with a circuit in Mayanagri Earthquake - Sikkim was jolted with a quake of 6.8 magnitude in Septemebr 2011  Are we really a superPower - It might be just a figment of our imagination!!!  Sushil Kumar - Our own Slumdog Millionaire - Underdog is always a good story to tell Nargis - 7 Billionth Baby born in UP - Dubious Distinction - Isn't it? Another Drought - And Economists say it does not matter as Agriculture is 16% of GDP - Alas they forget, it supports 60% of India!!! Finally UPA mustered enough support for Pranab da - What a Relief!!!! An Era Gone By with Kaka Assam - Lakhs of Families Displaced - Who is Responsible??? And Finally the Shining Stars of Indian Sports - Our Best Performance at Olympics

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