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Our chance to create history

Our country faces humungous problems with the political class stooping to unimaginably low levels. It is now abundantly clear that all the political parties support this extensive looting of the country and all of them have been a party to this huge gala funded through public money which should be utilized to feed our more than 30 crore brothers and sisters who don’t even have access to one meal a day.

In such a grim situation, Arvind Kejrwal has brought a small ray of hope as he seems to be both capable as well as willing to change the whole situation for better. And with him announcing a political movement; the wheel has started moving; the speed this wheel can take, however, depends on the support he receives from young population. Huge amount of work needs to be done to create the necessary infrastructure for changing this idea into reality. Yes, this currently is only an idea which is not worth much unless the proponents of this idea take concrete actions to turn this dream into reality.

Last Saturday, I had a chance to meet him; we had an appointment for 3 pm and reached promptly at 2:45 pm at his Ghaziabad office. There were a number of people who had come to meet him including someone who claimed to be a scientist and was capable of bringing rain (sans the rain dance of course!!) and one who could predict the future of this movement. Arvind, however, handled all such encounters with a lot of maturity even though the next day was Gheao Aandolan (which in hindsight, we can say, was a major success).

We finally met him after waiting for a while; so we asked him what could be done by supporters like us who want to contribute in our own little way to this political movement (I don’t know why, but I smell people reading this line and scoffing at the word politics – there is only one connotation of word politics in Modern India and I know you can hear it right now). His answer was very simple; according to him, still nothing has been done and the movement needs to create a base at the local level. We need to create a team of 5-10 people for every polling booth (Each polling booth has around 500 voters; equivalent to 150 odd families) so that the movement’s message can be properly propagated to everybody. He, alone, obviously cannot run this movement without adequate support both in terms of time and money from people like us who have wished to change this system from our drawing rooms all these years. I have a theory that the country is in such a bad shape because we have turned too selfish and don’t care a damn about this country. In case, we keep on doing lip service to this amazing movement then Arvind also will fall flat on his face as and this will make the emergence of next Arvind even more difficult. I, request everyone to take a stand;  if the “afflicted” middle class does not care, it would not get its hand dirty in this movement or else it will. The decision is ours; but I strongly urge that in case we decide not to participate then we should stop being a victim for at least next 50 years as we might not get another chance in our lifetime at taking on the system.

After meeting him, we also met one of his associates Lt. Colonel Khokhar who has joined the movement full time and is researching to establish a system wherein the candidates for Anna Party (or whatever it is named on 2nd October 2012) will be chosen by the citizens of concerned constituency and not by any high command like Mrs. Sonia Gandhi in case of Congress. This kind of system does not exist anywhere in the world and has not been tried before so the working rules as well as effectiveness needs to be studied.

He suggested that we can ask for candidature nominations nine months in advance with the candidates informing their motivation for participating in the election and the focus problems on which they will be working. The next six months, they can effectively showcase their work to the people who can then unanimously elect their candidate. I have two comments on the system:

1)      Currently, all corrupt people get attracted to the politics because they know that huge money can be made here so we should create a system such that our candidates don’t get a chance to make money during their tenure. Once, it is established that it is impossible to make money in this transaction then we will start getting good people.

2)      We normally vote based on religion, caste, region and so on for some kind of selfish motive so when we will be asked to choose between a number of candidates for deciding the tickets from Anna party, we can make the same mistake and not field the best candidate possible. So, the whole model predicates on the fact that we will decide in favor of the best candidate or will gravitate towards the same after making mistake for first few times.

Friends, Arvind needs support in creating infrastructure at local level and also needs feedback on the whole idea of “we the people” choosing candidates from Team Anna so requesting you to kindly spare some time for our future and provide support to this movement.

Waiting for your support.


About Deepak

An Engineer and MBA from IIT Roorkee and IIM Ahmedabad. Interested in doing something for the country in my own little way.


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